Shallow of Hangzhou Bay Devastately Polluted by Garbage

A shallow in Hangzhou Bay is devastately polluted by oil and garbage in east China’s Zhejiang province on August 30, 2014. The water is contaminated by oil and presents various colors. Alongside the bay are randomly dumped garbages. Flies are...


Police: this year’s homicide cases all solved

Hangzhou solved all homicide cases that occurred in the first eight months of this year. They included rape, arson, kidnap and bombing crimes, local officials said yesterday. Meanwhile, the number of criminal cases dropped 4.72 percent; homicide and felony cases...

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Obama US China

America vs. China

By: Daniel Otero Introduction Nanjing, China – Once I heard a Chinese businessman say, “China, the new American dream!” as he joyfully lifted his cup to a ‘Gambei’ (a toast). With this sentence I wanted to scoff off with sarcasm...


Advancing science, one exchange at a time

Imperial college london looks to deepen ties with Chinese universities The world should seek more collaboration with China in innovation, scientific discovery and educational ties, says Sir Keith O’Nions, president of Imperial College London. “China is fast becoming one of...