Patient attacks doctor

A male patient at the Hangzhou Jingdu Hospital stabbed a female doctor just as she was about to see him, reports. The man, who is believed to have suffered from mental illness since he was 16, attacked the 50-year-old...


Hangzhou Expat Member Mixer #7 – March 7, 17:00

Time: March 7 (Saturday), 17:00 Venue: Mago Happy World KTV 唛歌时尚KTV , 144 Shuguang Road 曙光路144号 Map:…2d18d206507defa (on Google ) or…tn=B_NORMAL_MAP (on Baidu) Directions: By bus: I have set the destinationthe red pin, and you can drag the green pin...


New expressways

Several expressways will either open or be built this year, the Hangzhou Transport Investment Group said. Workers are paving the ground road underneath the elevated Airport Expressway, which is expected to open in June, the company said. Jihong Road, which...


Looking good in the new year

A woman takes a selfie at Plum Garden of Solitary Hill near West Lake. Plum flowers are now in blossom around Hangzhou, attracting many who enjoy photographing the beautiful scenery. Source: Shanghai Daily

Hefty fines for disposing sewage without permit

Discharging sewage without official permit can carry a fine of up to 500,000 yuan (US$81,967), manufacturers, construction companies, catering businesses and hospitals are warned as a new rule took effect in China yesterday. According to the rule set by the...

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Spring is coming despite another cold snap

The sun peered through clouds yesterday and many locals went out to enjoy the good weather. But another cold front is approaching and will bring rain and chill to the city from Wednesday, local forecasters said. Heavy downpours are expected...