Cold front coming this weekend

Rainy weather and an upcoming cold front will send the mercury below 10 degrees Celsius early next week, local forecasters said yesterday. The rainy and overcast weather will linger in Hangzhou until Sunday. The temperature is between 16 degrees and...


Filmmakers can’t get enough of Zhejiang

ZHEJIANG Province provides the backdrop for numerous films and television series. Residents around the province often take great pride in spotting familiar scenery in famous films. Shanghai Daily takes a look at four well-known scenic spots and film shooting bases...

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Regulate tourist spots’ entry fees

It’s unreasonable to raise prices of tickets to tourist spots before every “Golden Week” holiday. Ticket pricing is a public matter, so tourist spot managements should follow certain mandatory procedures before raising prices. For example, they should hold transparent public...


Jack Ma’s story is not complete yet

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, is the richest man in Chinese mainland with his net wealth increasing to $19.5 billion this year, according to Forbes. His fortune exploded after Alibaba’s record initial public offering in New York which...


China Urbanology Annual Conference held in city

The 2014 China Urbanology Annual Conference was held in the city last Saturday and Sunday. The conference discussed urban diseases, such as overpopulation, industrial problems and traffic jams, that have been riddling people living in cities. Hangzhou International Urbanology Research...