City issues citizen cards for foreigners

Hangzhou started to issue citizen cards for foreigners as well as residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan that have purchased China’s primary medical insurance in the city from August 25. Foreign preschoolers and students studying in the city’s primary...


City’s enterprises interested in Thai products

The bilateral trading and investment between China and Thailand has been very active in recent years. The investment of Chinese companies in Thailand has increased significantly and more Hangzhou-based companies intend to learn about Thai market and commodities. China Council...


City to hold Global Investment Summit in October

The 2014 China Global Investment Summit will be held on October 16-17 in Hangzhou. Sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Government and Euromoney, the summit is organized by Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. The summit, which...


Hangzhou elements shine at Nanjing YOG

Zheng Fenlan had her eyes fixed on the dress of Yang Jing, a famous American Chinese pianist that played “Dream of Love” by Liszt at the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on the evening of August...


Mooncake workshop greets Mid-Autumn Festival

A girl shows mooncakes made by women in Mingzhu Community in Jiande City yesterday. About 100 people, including small girls, from 35 families gathered together to make mooncakes for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on September 8 this year....


Metro Line 5 project gets green light

Metro Line 5 feasibility report has been approved by the Zhejiang Province Development and Reform Commission and construction will start next year, officials disclosed yesterday. The 48-kilometer subway will go from Yuhang District in northwest Hangzhou to Xiaoshan District in...

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Sell me the Best Brew

By: Daniel Otero Nanjing, China – Our host was completely ‘slaying in her sleep’, but came to life when we arrived for some drinks. Yes, this yellow-amber kitten woke-up to play, as we sat to order some drinks from the...