Second child issue sparks family debates

THE amended one-child policy is having some unintended affects that are making life difficult for some families. Some couples who are already expecting a second child have found out that they are not eligible due to an adoptive sibling while...


Kicking up some kung fu spirit

A seventh grader does kung fu at Hangzhou Wenlan Junior High School before an audience. The program, combining traditional music and dance performances, is a warm-up for a Chinese poetry recital competition next month. Source: Shanghai Daily


The wonders of Hangzhou

by Chay F. Hofileña HANGZHOU, China – As stories would have it, among the cities of Zhejiang, it was the scenic Hangzhou that was described by Italian traveler Marco Polo as “the most magnificent city in the world.” Perhaps unknown...


Electric buses to run in Hangzhou

A new electric bus of No. 290 bus will serve Hangzhou citizens soon as it appeared at the 4th Hangzhou New Energy Automobile Industry Expo recently. The K9 bus produced by BYD is the first electric bus using iron batteries...


Cycle along three rivers

Xihu District started this year’s Hangzhou Citizens Leisure Festival yesterday. Altogether 150 cyclists toured along the banks of the city’s three rivers, Xinan River, Fuchun River and Qiantang River, on public bicycles. The district started a protective development projects around...


Hangzhou on alert for storms

Fishing boats return to the harbor to hide from typhoon Fung-Wong. Hangzhou meteorologists forecasted that tropical storm Fung-Wong would bring heavy rains and strong gales to the city today after making landfall in coastal areas in Zhejiang Province. The city’s...


2014 ADM Forum to kick off on Nov 6

2014 is a year of new economies emerging, innovation mushrooming and mobile Internet traffic exploding. The upcoming 2014 Asia Design Management (ADM) Forum & Lifestyle Design Fair is expected to define our “designed” new lives through conversations on revolutionary thoughts...

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